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  • Treats over 40 concerns
  • No downtime
  • No pain
  • Safe for all skin types
  • No numbing
  • Quick treatments
  • Fast results
Modern Age Aesthetics & Wellness is the first in Nova Scotia to offer the world's most advanced and award-winning laser, Aerolase NeoElite® 

The Aerolase Neo is an aesthetic medical laser that provides a premium patient experience unrivaled in dermatology and aesthetics. Uniquely gentle, the Neo offers complete skin rejuvenation in a safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for all skin types and tones. The Neo’s unique 650-microsecond technology is attracted to a combination of melanin, hemoglobin, and water in the skin tissue – which contribute to your skin’s signs of aging. The Neo’s energy passes through the skin to selectively heat these targets without adverse effects – resulting in clear, healthy skin. The 650-microsecond pulse eliminates discomfort during treatment and provides safe, highly efficacious results for even the darkest skin tones.

Dermascope Award Emblem for 2022
Neo by Aerolase defines the new direction for aesthetic laser medicine. It provides custom treatment solutions for comprehensive rejuvenation, addressing the most common signs of skin aging. It also introduces new treatment options for medical conditions such as acne, melasma, and psoriasis. Neo’s 650 Microsecond Technology delivers exceptionally high energy in short pulses to gently and effectively address conditions in a manner previously unseen in laser medicine. Neo’s safety, efficacy, and tolerability for a range of treatments on patients of all ages and skin types make it a must-have device for any medical aesthetic practice.
Ghp Technology Award Logo
A laser skincare product development company serving skincare professionals all over the world, Aerolase is giving the front-runners in skin health the ability to offer the best laser treatment at the most cost-efficient prices possible. Crucially, its efforts are emboldened by the
feedback of its clientele in order to make its laser skincare solutions more effective at every turn, fine-tuning itself and its business based on the experiences that its clients come back to it with after implementing its technologies to serve their end customers, winning it the award for ‘2022’s Leading Innovators in Laser SkinHealth’ as a result.
Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Logo for 2021
Cosmopolitan Selects Aerolase as "Best Acne Laser" in Its Holy Grail Awards

The Holy Grail Awards place Aerolase Neo Elite® into an iconic group of global aesthetic brands, such as Botox®, Juvederm®, and others, underlining Aerolase's best-in-class prominence for aesthetic solutions. They reinforce the rare 100% "Worth It" rating by RealSelf, the leading consumer-centric aesthetic review platform.
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