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Vita-C Glow Infusion Facial Promo Image
Vita-C Glow Infusion

75 min /$145

This relaxing ‘no downtime’ treatment infuses skin with the rejuvenating and uplifting benefits of 17 peptides and proteins beginning with a potent vitamin C peel.  After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed, skin is glowing, texture is smoother and skin is plumped.

Cryo Facial

40 min / $250

This advanced pain-free method of Nano-needling gives 97% better product absorption do to the infusion of ingredients into the epidermis, feeding the skin with nutrients it needs to lighten, tighten & brighten.

After a relaxing and purifying deep cleanse, serum concentrate tailored for your skin goals are applied and the Nano- microneedling infusion begins covering the whole face, followed by healing LED light and soothing serums. 

Intense Refresh Facial Promo image
Intense Refresh Facial

45 min /$110

Plump & Polish Facial Promo Image
Plump & Polish Facial

45 min / $125

Signature Custom Facial

75 min / $155

Micro Facial

30 min / $69

Specialty Facial Treatments
(not available with membership progams)

Dermaplaning & Pumpkin Peel Promo Image
Dermaplaning + Pumpkin Peel

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive facial treatment to remove dead skin and vellus hair, leaving your skin smooth and baby-soft. Also since dermaplaning is a form of physical exfoliation, the result is not only younger-looking skin, but also better product penetration of serums, creams, and acne and anti-aging products.

Pumpkin allows for deep cleansing, pigmentation correction, firming and brightening of the epidermis.

75  min / $165

Suite Escape Experience Promo Image

Enjoy the longest specialty facial offered at 90 minutes of pure bliss. The Suite Escape is just that, time to truly relax, unwind, unplug from the world with absolute peace of mind the only sounds you will hear will be soothing piano music in the background. The customized facial follows a full face, neck, shoulder and head massage using reflexology movements. Ending with the effective LED Light therapy for an entire protocol of 30 minutes, which feel just like you are at the beach with the sun beaming down on you! Just Wow!

90  min / $170

7 step acne facial promo image
7 Step Acne Facial

Ultimate acne treatment facial that helps unplug pores, even skin tone and brighten skin. Clear skin can be achieved with a single treatment, but in some cases a series of 3 or more may be required. A full complimentary in-depth consultation with your first treatment will determine your protocol.

*Please note: Outcomes vary, each person is different and healing may be delayed in some cases. Purging can sometimes occur, and this is a natural response to a deep exfoliating cleanse. If this happens to you please let me know so we can make the best treatment plan for you on your journey to clear beautiful skin. 

105  min / $175

Available Add-On Services With Facials




Celluma Light Therapy being used on woman



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