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A little about me - My passion comes from my own ailments; and through a lot of trial and error I found treatments that really worked for me, and that led me to want to help other people with treatments that can aid in the recovery of chronic pain and the many side effects of this condition, from adult acne to sleep deprivation. After many years of research, I decided to obtain my diplomas in Advanced Medical Aesthetics and Advanced Laser Technology. Through my studies my interest in advanced technologies grew and there I would find the treatments that would truly deliver the most amazing results. I knew I could offer an alternative for people seeking non-invasive yet effective therapies for a multitude of issues. My desire to help people to feel their best and at the same time look their best has resulted in the unique services I offer today. I invite you to come visit me, kick back, relax, and escape the ordinary! - Cheers

Monique Price


Advanced Medical Aesthetics

Advanced Laser Technology

Facial Reflexology


Aerolase NeoElite Certified

Advanced Microcurrent Technology -

Bio-Therapeutic Institute of Technology

Advanced UltraSonic Technology

Bio-Therapeutic Institute of Technology

A little bit more about me - As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love to travel, I have all my life and imagine I always will, this passion for seeing and experiencing other cultures has found its way into my business. I believe we can learn a lot from how people around the world look after themselves, aesthetically and with their overall wellness. The advanced technologies we are familiar with today that began in places like Germany and The Netherlands, Korea and Dubai, are now transforming the health care industry, and are helping people look and feel better all the time. We can utilize the advancements in light technology from NASA to help relieve chronic pain, we can use algae from Spain to help combat skin issues, and so much more. All of these technologies and treatments new and old continue to astonish me. This knowledge provides me the ability to find the appropriate treatment to help people here in Halifax find relief from their ailments too.

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