The Many Benefits of Sweating!

Benefits of sweating are numerous, too many to list here, but if you do any quick search online about sauna's you will find that the science backs the proof that sweating is good for. My problem was finding a way to really sweat without feeling like I was going to pass out from the heat, that led me to the Solo Sauna and now getting a good sweat on is easy and very very relaxing, you can get all the benefits just by lying there! Awesome!
Here are just some of the benefits of Infrared Sauna's.
1. Detoxification - Sweating is good for you. It is the body’s safe and natural way to heal and stay healthy. Far infrared sauna detoxification happens by heating the body directly, causing a rise in core temperature. This results in a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where toxins reside.
2. Relaxation - Unlike traditional saunas which operate at extremely harsh temperatures, infrared is a gentle, soothing and therapeutic heat th